CrossFit Saraland

Get to know us

CrossFit Saraland is more than a gym; we are a group of people dedicated to improving the lives of our family, friends, and community. We rely on constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensities, evidence-based nutrition recommendations, and a competitive, but fun and supportive environment to help our members reach their fitness goals.

We created this environment to empower you to choose the life you want to lead. This is not a place where we keep machines for you to use - this is a place where we help you turn your body and mind into a highly functional and efficient machine. We accomplish this by training members in a small group setting rather than leaving you on your own with machines that can't provide positive and constructive feedback. This is what sets CrossFit gyms including CrossFit Saraland apart from other gyms.

Jake Johnson

Coach and Owner

I also own AMP Performance in Mobile. I have competed at CrossFit Regionals, and have podiumed in both team and elite individual divisions at Beach Brawl, where Games competitors compete each year!


I started AMP with 6 KBs and 5 barbells, training 3 kids in the back of a flooded warehouse and have built that into a 20k sqft building with 100+ bars, varying styles of machines, rigs and more! I’ve trained 10+ state championship teams, pro athletes, Pro Strongmen, Team USA members and much more in 5+ years. My goal for CrossFit Saraland is to grow it into the best CrossFit gym not only in Saraland but in all of Mobile!